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Wadena County Commissioners: Land sale puts parcels back on the tax roll

by Trinity Gruenberg

The Wadena County Commissioners held their regular meeting on October 12.

Tax Forfeited Land Sale

The tax-forfeited land sale closed on October 6. There were 37 parcels and 29 sold for a total of $422,515.

One parcel on the Crow Wing River had been on the books since the 1950s, acquired through tax forfeit. The parcel sold for $134,000 which was huge for the county since the parcel is back on the tax roll.

Auditor Treasurer Heather Olson said after fees and tax district settlements they will have approximately $200,000 she would like to put toward the tax levy to reduce it.

Several parcels were pulled from the sale. They had a few people calling after the sale asking to buy a parcel that wasn’t sold during the sale.

Olson would like to move the sale up next year so it won’t interfere with election preparations.

Appraiser Trainee

Lee Brekke, assessor, discussed the records specialist appraiser trainee position that was tabled at the last meeting. He is looking to replace the position and the person has to take classes as it takes three years to become a certified appraiser. He wants to ensure the staff is trained for a simple transition when he retires in a few years. . .



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