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Wadena County Commissioners: Temperature taking stations to be set up

by Karin L. Nauber

After discussion, Information Technology Coordinator Dave Hotchkiss said that he had purchased three temperature taking stations that will be in place at the courthouse building, human services and public health entrances.

Hotchkiss said the machines will take temperatures and will also detect if the person is wearing a mask.

If no mask is detected, the machine will tell the person to put one on.

This is good, since later in the meeting, the board of commissioners approved making it mandatory to wear masks according to a Supreme Court ruling mandating that all court hearing attendees must wear masks.

Even with the temperature taking stations, there will still need to be a person at the screening station.

The stations will meet Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines for temperature and cost $1900 each.

They are currently directing all courthouse traffic to a lower level entrance instead of at the top of the steps. This is where the station will be set up.

Commissioner Jon Kangas said he did not like this. He likened it to the George Orwell book turned movie “1984” and said that this was not a good use of funds.

County Engineer/Coordinator Ryan Odden talked about the wearing of face coverings in the county buildings. . . .



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