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In Focus

I enjoy watching paranormal, sci-fi and fantasy television shows and movies. I enjoy the break from reality and imagining what life would be like if some of these creatures actually existed.

The fables about some of these creatures such as vampires and werewolves are pretty consistent. While both have their weaknesses, a bite from these creatures allegedly cures all diseases. Sure, you would become one of those creatures, but in some cases I think it outweighs the disadvantages.

I had a dream I was bit by a werewolf. The Crohn’s disease was gone, but of course there is that issue with the full moon. I found it kind of funny because this last full moon, a super moon, I was in pain from head to toe. The full moon likes to agitate my symptoms and makes it difficult to manage them and for me to sleep. It is also followed by days of brain fog and exhaustion.

I don’t think I could handle being a vampire. Avoiding daylight, drinking blood and living forever really doesn’t sound that appealing to me. Werewolves are still more human and have less sensitivities than vampires.

I could only imagine if these supernatural creatures existed. Cures for all diseases, cancers, and injuries would be found. A pill or a single shot could fix it all. Medications tend to have serious side effects or can give you another ailment all together, anything from severe allergic reactions, blood clots, organ failure, cancer, you name it. I can only image the side effects of a supernatural cure being something like the urge to howl at the moon or bite someone for a while after treatment.

But this is reality, and these creatures don’t exist. Myself and others will remain a slave to our diseases and continue with debilitating treatments to ensure we will live another day and dream about the day a cure is found.

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