911 system goes down

by Karin L. Nauber karin@inhnews.com

As of presstime, not a whole lot is known about why the E-911 service went down temporarily in Todd County on Thursday, May 7. Here is what we know from Todd County Sheriff’s Office Dispatch Supervisor Sarah Booker. “The service interruption may have been for up to an hour, but we don’t have confirmation from the providers on that yet,” she said. The cause of the service interruption was still being investigated by the State 911 Program Manager, but it appears to have been isolated to one particular phone service provider only. Booker said they are still waiting on confirmation of that. “We are still waiting for the investigation to be completed to obtain this information. Callers were still able to contact the sheriff’s office on the regular administrative line, and the condition cleared prior to us having to route to an alternate public safety answering point (PSAP). Initial indications are that this may have been a multi-state service issue with the provider, but again, the investigation is not complete and that cannot be confirmed,” said Booker.

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