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A Matter of Perspective

I can’t keep up...

I don’t know what to eat anymore. I mean, I am hungry for things, but I can’t keep up with all the food recalls that seem to be coming more frequently and on a wide variety of foods.

I don’t raise a garden but I am thinking I might have to start one and figure out how to can and freeze my own food. I would probably have to use most of my yard so that I could raise enough to last my granddaughter and me all year—or at least until the next summer/fall harvest time.

I’m not sure how my neighbors would feel about this big garden. Maybe they would think it was a neat idea and do it, too.

I have to be realistic, though. That would be a lot of weeding and I have a hard time getting up from the ground. I’m also kind of lazy. I would probably look out at the yard/garden and think, “I think the weeds will be okay. They can’t possibly take all of the nutrients!”

But then my brain goes back to the fact that so much of our food is processed and riddled with bacteria and is being recalled!

Maybe if I was a little younger I could buy a farm and plant some fields with tractors and planters. . .

It seems like these recalls are getting more and more frequent. There are several each week and sometimes there are several in one day. It affects all kinds of food from vegetables to canned-type foods to meat. Animals can’t escape either. I often see recalls on dog and cat food. Mostly on dog food.

It feels like someone decided to kill man and man’s best friend (dogs).

I wonder if this is a plot to finish us off—those of us who do not grow our own food.

I guess unless someone confesses to it we will never know.

I do have a few of my own guesses, however.

In a world where things are done for us through AI and other technologies, I think we have gotten lazy. We don’t like to work. Why work when things can be automated to do our work for us? Unfortunately, that leads to shoddy, half-done work when we actually have to do a physical task.

Maybe someone at the lettuce processing plant decides that those leaves are clean enough and they don’t thoroughly wash them...

I don’t know the causes. All I know is that I can’t keep up with all of the recalls. There are so many, I think I would have to quit eating to avoid them all.

Maybe I need to make friends with a farmer . . .

Maybe we all need to. . .

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