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A Matter of Perspective

Warning: Some may find this offensive...

He gets us. All of us. Jesus.

Does this offend you?

Well, apparently it offended some people who were watching the Superbowl last week. If it did not offend, it certainly raised a lot of questions about who was running this ad and why and what was the real meaning of this commercial?

As I understand it, there were two of these Jesus ads that ran. One was about foot-washing. I found the ad online and watched it. I wasn’t offended although I can certainly see why some people would find it offensive or would question why it was running.

The one that I see the most is on Hulu, one of the streaming channels. The commercial has people who are not native English speakers talking about what is the hardest thing to say.

They give examples of sounds that are difficult to say in English like words ending in “th.”

Then one lady says, “You mean like feelings things?”

They list things that would be hard to say, in any language, like, “I was wrong” “I’m sorry” “I love you”.

Then text appears on the screen that states, “He gets us. All of us. Jesus.”

You know what offends me? That people find the name Jesus offensive.

I am burdened by the fact that I need to be “accepting” of others religious views but that I have to be quiet about mine because it might “offend” someone.

Oh, no. I refuse to be quiet.

I used to belong to that class of Christians who are so afraid of offending others that they simply keep quiet hoping the topic (of religion) doesn’t come up so they can quietly go about their days not being offended or being offensive.

I am thankful that commercial ran. While many in the different sects of religion are busy fighting and arguing about who is right, there may have been a person who saw or heard that commercial that needed to hear or see it.

Maybe that person was in a dark place and they heard the ad and it was just the thing they needed. 

I did do some further investigation and apparently the ad is put out by the founders of the nationwide chain store Hobby Lobby. I told someone about that and she said that would explain why they are closed on Sundays.

I don’t know much about Hobby Lobby except it is a craft-type store.

I don’t have to know about them. I don’t need to know why they put this ad out. All I need to know is that if we are more busy being offended by these ads, then maybe we should start addressing some of the hateful things that “religious” people use as nails to hammer their victims up with.

I am guilty, too.

But I am grateful that He does get us. All of us. Jesus!

And we can thank God for that!


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