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A Matter of Perspective

I love animals.

I have loved animals my whole life. It is like we form a bond almost instantly.

When I was a kid, I thought for sure I would grow up to be a veterinarian. Except someone told me I had to be good at math and science to do that. I was not very good at either one.

I had terrible “math anxiety” and that was when we did the “old” math!

Lately, I have been helping my grandchildren with their “new” math. Since when did 2x2 not equal 4? I’m starting to understand it a little bit, but, I digress.

I still love animals. I can get along with most of them better than I can with most people.

Animals are no-nonsense creatures. They can sense danger or a foe just by instinct. I can count on one hand the number of animals that I could not befriend. (Not counting the numerous bulls we had while growing up. Those big boys were just mean!)

Sometimes I wonder what my life would have been like if I had pursued schooling for becoming a vet.

The other night, our little Chelsea—an almost three-pound mixed-breed dog—had a problem. It could have been a seizure or any number of things. She couldn’t tell us what was wrong, just that something was wrong.

We made phone calls trying to get in touch with the vet in town, but to no avail. So Katrina took our shaking, crying pup to Dr. Pieper’s house!

He met her at the vet clinic after he had taken a look at Chelsea “Bug”.

He showed the kind of care and compassion not only for our “baby” but also to us humans as he took care of her.

He called and gave us updates and when we finally got our Bug home, he brought her to us.

Where else but in a small town would you get this kind of service from your veterinarian professional?!

We are so grateful for the care Dr. Pieper gave to our Bug and for making us feel like our little animal mattered!

Even though I never did go to veterinarian school, I am so grateful for those who did.

Because...I love animals!

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