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A Matter of Perspective

The lack of workers is a big part of what is causing our problems in the United States. We can talk about supply chain issues and ships sitting in the ocean full of what we need, but until we get some people to work again, that stuff will just sit. And sit. And sit.

We have seen the problems that unemployment—forced or chosen—has caused. At the newspaper, we have run help wanted ads for months. Other places of business have struggled to keep their hours staffed.

Some places have had to close or reduce their hours because they can’t get help.

I don’t understand. I thought reopening would help. I thought the end of the expanded unemployment benefits would help. I thought after the extra $300 a week was over, people would lunge toward these high-paying jobs. I mean, you can work at a fast-food joint and make $15 or more an hour! You can earn hiring bonuses. Why are people not jumping at those opportunities? I am confused.

Are people continuing to be afraid of COVID-19? I think that could be part of it. I know I don’t want to go into big groups. I don’t want to risk getting sick again. Even though I have had COVID (a year ago, in fact) and I have had my vaccination, I still get jittery when I have to go somewhere where there could be many people. I get jittery if there will be a couple of people who could be carrying COVID.

But I keep chugging along. A lot of my work is from home but many times I do venture out to take care of photos that need to be taken or stories that I have to report on that cannot be done through e-mail.

Since the death of my mom, I want even less to go out. I suppose that is partly that depression that comes from grieving and loss. Still, whatever the reason is, I continue to struggle.

I’m not sure why others are not filling those jobs that are awaiting employees, however.

All I know is I applaud those who keep working and keep the supply chain flowing for those who don’t work but only complain about the lack of things. . .

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