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Anderson has donated over 1000 facemasks

Rita Anderson has donated hundreds of facemasks to the Bertha-Hewitt School since the beginning of the pandemic.

by Trinity Gruenberg

A Bertha woman on a mission has made well over 1000 facemasks to help protect people from the COVID-19 virus. Hundreds of her masks have been given to the Bertha-Hewitt School for staff and students, and her masks have reached as far away as California and Florida.

Rita Anderson felt it was her mission to make these masks. When the lockdown began last March, she got to work finding a pattern. Anderson began with a three pleated design with three layers of fabric.

“I had such a horrible time with them. I threw most of them away,” said Anderson.

She happened across a YouTube video that demonstrated how to make the 3-D masks and modified the design to her liking. They are great for eyeglass wearers as they fit comfortably underneath the glasses, preventing them from fogging up. The design is also great as it does not press against the mouth and gives the wearer room to speak, which teachers really like.

Elastic was another issue. She could only purchase an allowed limit. Her family also assisted in purchasing the hard-to-come-by, pricey elastic.

Anderson also found some pre-made ear straps with a slide for the wearer to adjust the fit. They were available in different colors to match the fabrics she used.

Anderson makes three different sizes: small for children, adults, and large adult size for those with a broader face or those with a beard. . .


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