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BHVPP Wrestling State Individual Results

120-Justin Olson

Fall by Braxton Lange (Caledonia-Houston) 3:53

Justin did not place

132-Bennet Arceneau

Maj. Dec. by Hudson Burnett (Pipestone) 16-6

Bennet did not place

138-Deagen Captain

Fall by Cory Scanlan (Caledonia-Houston) 5:40

Dec. by Wyatt Engen (BBE) 9-2

Deagen did not place

145-David Revering

Dec. by Tucker Ginther (Caledonia-Houston) 8-1

Dec. Will Gorecki (ROUP) 5-0

Dec. William Pilarski (HOLD) 6-1

Dec. by Lincoln Fink (Canby) 5-3

Dec. Ethan Bowman (CRX) 5-2

David placed 5th

182-Justin Koehn

Fall by Peyton Hemmesch (Paynesville) 3:25

Fall by Tate Twardowski (LPGEB) 2:19

Justin did not place

285-Braden Shamp

Dec. Marcus Perterson (UNC) 6-4

Maj. Dec. by Keegan Kuball (WEM-JWP) 8-0

Fall Grant Ness (Caledonia-Houston) :58

Dec. by Brandon Mugg (ROUP) 7-4

Braden did not place

138Girls-Abby Ervasti

Dec. Kelsey Cruz Rojas (Bloomington Kennedy) 8-6

Dec. Cece Rock (Luverne) 7-2

Dec. Diann Smith (GMLOS) 3-1

Abby placed 1st


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