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Broadband coalition moves forward with Accelerate program

by Trinity Gruenberg

The broadband coalition met on October 14 at the Hewitt Community Center.

They are part of the group for the Accelerate program through the Blandin Foundation that will start sometime in November.

Alex Weego stated he had 11 people sign up for the training, surpassing the eight needed to take part. Weego explained they may be asked for a letter from the participants of their intention for joining.

At the end of this intensive training, the group will be in a position to know what to do for the area and take advantage of any future assistance. Sourcewell, the Initiative Foundation and Region 5 plan to continue to assist the coalition moving forward after the training is complete.

Sourcewell matched the grant from the Initiative Foundation giving the coalition $20,000 to help pay for the training. . .



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