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Broadband Coalition seeks letters of support

by Trinity Gruenberg

The Todd County Broadband Coalition held a luncheon at the Clarissa Ballroom on December 19 to update cities and townships on their progress and asking for letters of support to aid the group in applying for grants.

The importance of the letters of support makes a massive difference when applying for grants. Todd County Broadband Coalition (TCBC) Member Greg Hendrickson shared the example of the Eagle Bend Housing Project recently losing a grant application by two points, and they possibly could have made the cut with more support.

The TCBC was organized in early 2021 by the late Hewitt City Council Member Alex Weego, and encompassed the areas of Hewitt, Bertha and Eagle Bend. As word spread and the need became more apparent, the group expanded to encompass the entire county. They currently have 14 members in the coalition, volunteers led by Chair Ken Hovet, A. John Peters, Verna Toneyan, and County Coordinator Chris Pelzer with many more involved. These people are in different positions with different backgrounds who have joined forces to get this much needed infrastructure into the county....

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