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Circling the dance floor for 34 years

Andy and Toni Kukowski from Hallock were seen twirling around the dance floor.

by Erin Ganz

A Polka Fest in Clarissa, Minnesota?

Yes, you heard right!

Tony and Marion Massmann bought the Clarissa Ballroom in 1985. They wanted to bring an added venue to the area which grew into something much bigger. Many social events including weddings and the annual Polka Festival have been held at the ballroom through the years.

While talking with Marion, I asked her what had drawn her to the polka scene?

She replied, “The Nite Owl Band had brought me into it. I had never heard of a polka fest before and nobody held one over the Memorial Day weekend.”

The Nite Owls played for this local festival for several years along with many other bands including The Leon Olsen Show, Julie Lee and the White Rose Band, and The Polkateers.

During the early years, there was a couple who would bring polka outfits and hand them out to everyone to wear, which even got the kids involved. . .



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