Citizens are grateful for local law enforcement

The Grateful Citizens and some local law enforcement posed for a photo. —submitted photo

by Trinity Gruenberg

A group of friends call themselves the Grateful Citizens and wished to show their support for law enforcement in Wadena County. They hosted an appreciation pancake dinner at Sunnybrook Park on June 30.

“We just put it on to show the support to our law enforcement and to just lift them up because their morale is kind of down right now and we appreciate so much what they do,” said Vickie Thompson, organizer.

They invited all local law enforcement, firemen and EMTs along with their families. They didn’t make the event public so they would have enough space for everyone to enjoy the comfortable, relaxing event. There were roughly 60 people in attendance including Representative John Poston of District 9A.

“It was a great event!” shared Poston. “Police officers from all over Wadena County came for a pancake feed. Many showed up to thank them for their service.”

Poston serves on the House Public Safety Committee. . . .

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