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Clarissa Cubs compete for State title: Lose heartbreaker to Eden Prairie

by Karin L. Nauber

The C-town (Clarissa) “Cubs” is a 35+ baseball team that was established in 2015. This will be the sixth season of play for the group of guys.

This year the team was proud to go to the State Tournament playoffs where they lost a heartbreaker to the Eden Prairie Lions Tap on Sunday, August 24 in Fergus Falls.

If you have ever checked out their page on Facebook, you will know and understand the camaraderie that the team shares and the good-natured jibes they exchange not only with their own team but also with their competitors.

Here are some of the posts that were on their Facebook page. They have been edited for content!

Cubs Win over

Southwest Outlaws!

The top-heavy athletes pulled out a first-round victory in the State old man baseball tournament. Mike Blom crushed one to the gap, but the wind just said, “No.”

Adam Riedel pitched an awesome one-run game and looked like the sexy beast from high school.

Wayne Booker actually helped the team for the first time in six years. He made a diving catch with two runners in scoring position to end the sixth inning.

It might not make ESPN, but it was absolutely fantastic.

Mitch Johnson forgot his jersey, but proved he still has....good wheels rounding the bases.

Trevor wants his money back after going through speed training with Paul Jenkins. . . .



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