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Community ice rink takes shape at Soldier Field

by Trinity Gruenberg

A Long Prairie community-driven initiative to purchase and erect an outdoor ice rink has come to fruition.

The $16,261 needed for the ice rink was managed through many donations from businesses and individuals. One anonymous donor shelled out $15,000 as they recalled “the old days at Soldier Field”...the same site that was once home to an ice rink and warming house in days past.

Other donations included $2500 from the Long Prairie Hockey Association, $1000 Raffle (led by Jody Bebault—Quilt raffle and more), $1750 raised by the community with an anonymous matching gift of $2500 (if they raise the $2500, they will receive $2500 match, they have $750 more to raise), and $1500 from business donations.

With the help of community volunteers, Sentence to Serve, city maintenance crews and the Long Prairie Fire Department, the baseball diamond at Soldier Field was cleared of snow to make way for the 155 x 85-foot ice rink. . .



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