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Dusting off the Archives

News from Verndale's Past

75 Years Ago, July 1, 1948

• Lloyd Stigman, who will be the manager of the Verndale yard of the Lampert Lumber Co. upon the reopening of the yard in the near future, has moved to Verndale and is busily engaged in getting the buildings in condition. Orders have been placed for materials and Lloyd expects to have the yard open for business before the end of July.

• Editor Mrs. Bradford and her three children—Roberta, Pepper and Curtis—arrived home Tuesday afternoon of this week from their 27 day trip. They are glad to be back after traveling 5591 miles of country in eight states. We meant to have Mrs. Bradford write a full account of this trip for our readers from brief notes kept as they went along. She did keep the notes but when they arrived home and she was asked to write the story, she said ‘no’—you write the story.

• The Wadena Jaycees and KWAD, co-sponsors, are making plans for the Chuck Wagon Races and Cowboy Thrill Show to be held in Wadena the 7th and 8th of July. They will be held in conjunction with the Aquabelle Queen Contest. The girl chosen as Miss Wadena will represent the Wadena area at the Detroit Lakes Water Carnival.

40 Years Ago, June 29, 1983

• When was the last time you had ice cream at 10 cents a scoop? Well, it’s being offered once again at that price this Saturday night when the celebration committee sponsors its annual ice cream social and pig-in-a-poke auction at McNair Park. There will be musical entertainment while you enjoy eating your pie and ice cream beginning at 6:30 p.m. Miss Verndale and her attendant will be on hand to greet you and assist the auctioneer by giving out hints on the items to be auctioned off. Proceeds will be used to provide prizes, advertising and entertainment for Strawhat and Sunbonnet Days. This year will be commemorating Verndale’s 100th year of incorporation as a city.

• It was reported at this month’s meeting of the Historical Society that over 75 people were registered as visitors during last Sunday’s open house, and they expressed appreciation for work the society has done to preserve artifacts of our ancestors. All enjoyed the ice cream donated by the Wadena County Dairy Association, cake, cookies and beverages while browsing. Marguerite Seaton, treasurer, reported a present balance of $420.62 in the checking account and $5283.37 in savings.

• At the third negotiation meeting held last Thursday evening, a faculty representative presented a salary proposal that represented a .0499 salary increase for the next two years. Cost to the district for the 1983-84 school year would be $563,296 or an increase of $26,823 and for the 1984-85 school year an increase of $28,100. Rather than hire out-of-the-district representatives, the faculty chose to represent itself through Steve Techam and Paul Schumacher.

15 Years Ago, July 3, 2008

• Troy Bounds’ accident happened on February 17. He has come a long way. He has had two surgeries and is awaiting another one. When Troy was hit, he didn’t see the car but was fully aware he had been in an accident. He was standing in back of the wrecker and in front of the wheel lift. The wheel lift took most of the brunt of the force but Troy was drug by the woman’s car. Troy has had two surgeries on his right leg. The ligaments and bones were crushed at the knee cap and had extensive damage. The knee cap was broken in a couple of areas so plates and screws fixed it up.

• Gary and Violet Dahlvang are among few Americans that have had the honor to witness the lift-off of the shuttle Discovery STS 124. They were officially invited by astronaut Karen Nyberg and NASA to the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. Karen is Gary’s cousin. Other members of the family were invited too, about 50 in all. Karen’s family all stayed at the Holiday Inn in Coco Beach. Gary and Violet said they all went to the Kennedy Visitor Complex. From there they were taken by bus to see the space shuttle and to see all the buildings that prepare the shuttle for launch. The next day they were taken to watch the shuttle take off.

• Kristin Goddard is departing for Off Broadway...for a few days that is. She will be going with 12 other girls from Music General Dance Studio in Brainerd to attend the “Slide” Master Classes. Kristin is 16 and attends Verndale Public School and will be starting her 14th year of dance.

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