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Dusting off the Archives

News from Verndale's Past

75 Years Ago, July 8, 1948

• Verndale broke even over the big July 4th weekend as they dropped a ten-inning game to Mills O.T.W. leaders 10-6 on Sunday, and bounced back to edge out Bertha 10-9 on Monday. Sunday’s game found the locals battling the Mills Flying Finns to a nine-inning 6-6 tie. The Mills rallied in the 10th, however, to score four which was more than enough for their victory.

• Evangelist and Mrs. Larry Bottroff of San Diego, Calif., are now conducting revival services at the Verndale Assemblies of God Tabernacle. Services will be held each evening with the exception of Monday and Saturday at 8 p.m. The evangelists come to Verndale highly recommended for their music and preaching.

• Dr. A. F. Schuft thinks it’s safer to spend the holidays around home, rather than taking chances with the crowded highways, and then met up with an accident right in his own yard. Doc was sitting in the shade in his yard in one of these canvas lawn folding chairs when the canvas broke and Doc made a grab to catch the chair. As a result, Doc caught one of his fingers somehow and smashed it. He spent a very sleepless night pacing the floor of the house and street with no relief until he visited a physician the next day. Now, Doc is taking forced vacation until said finger gets in shape for work.

• Four members of the Verndale Dynamiters 4-H Club sang over the Wadena radio station KWAD last Saturday. The group, consisting of singers: Elroy Kelzenberg, Kent Peterson, Bobby Jeanne and Pepper Bradford with their accompanist, Muriel Dickinson, were presented to the radio audience by their leader, Mrs. Joe Webber Sr. Their sings were: “Beg Your Pardon” and “Now is the Hour.”

40 Years Ago, July 6, 1983

• The highlight of the Pig-in-a-Poke auction Saturday night was the biggest prize of all. Shorty Seaton was the lucky “blind” bidder. The prize­—a kiss from Miss Verndale, Cathy Colby, who with her princesses assisted Carl Butler in auctioning the 50-some donated prizes, raising over $300 for the celebration fund. The sale of pie and ice cream, cake and coffee brought in almost another $200.

• Shari McClure, who drew this year’s winning button design, was awarded the first button made Saturday night before the Pig-in-a-Poke auction began. Maurie Finck, committee chairman, made the award. Shari also received $10 for her efforts.

• “It’s looking good for now,” said Gary Van Dam looking over his test plot of corn with Elmer Johnson, the Funks dealer who supplied him with the seed. “I’m hoping for 100 bushels per acre,” he added. Having knee-high corn by the Fourth has always been the goal of all farmers. With the late, cold spring there was considerable doubt that it would ever be near it, but with a few, warm, humid days and four inches of rain last week, it has shot up over night. That’s not true of all corn however. Some in the area is much farther behind, and fields nearly like one on Gary’s farm on the southeast edge of Verndale.

• Chairman Maurie Finck purchased the first strawhat from Joyce Winterfeld, which the celebration committee is selling this year to encourage the wearing of these along with vests or old-time garments during the Strawhat and Sunbonnet Days celebration, now only a month away.



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