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Dusting off the Archives

News from Verndale's Past

75 Years Ago, November 25, 1948

• Traveling with the Bemidji State Teachers Choir (BSTC) on its tour of high schools last week was Richard Hess of Verndale. Richard is also a member of the Modern Language Club which sponsored the informal party at the BSTC union last Friday night.

• Adrian Launceford, local representative of the Minnesota Power and Light Company, informed us last Friday that their brown-out order was lifted to allow neon sign lighting, more street lights and display lighting. The restriction on outside holiday lighting decorations, however, will still be in effect. The power situation was relieved considerably last week by the obtainment of more water from reservoirs, equipment from the government and the shifting of working hours by the power users.

• The Methodist, Missionary Alliance, and Assemblies of God Tabernacle are cooperating together in a union for Thanksgiving Day service to be held this year at the Assemblies of God Tabernacle. Each church will furnish part of the musical program. Rev. Schnek will lead the congregation in the gospel singing and Rev. Spicer will present the Thanksgiving message. The service begins at 10 a.m.

40 Years Ago, November 23, 1983

• Superintendent Jim Schereck and Principal Jim Madsen welcomed Daniel Skoog, assistant commissioner of the Minnesota Department of Education, to the Verndale School on Monday. There are over 400 districts in the state, and the commissioner, Ruth Randall, and each assistant has been designated a number of schools to visit this year. Skoog has 66 on his list. He spent Monday morning here seeking input from administrators, faculty and board members on ways to improve education and how the state can be more responsive to our needs.

• Pictured are Paul Schumacher and Robert Heilig show the cakes the faculty received from the PTSA in honor of American Education Week. Each faculty member and administrator was pinned with a name tag by Donna Denny, president-elect of the Verndale PTSA. She is shown pinning Willard Domier.

• While studying Egypt in Social Studies class, fifth graders in Mrs. Dyer’s room constructed an Egyptian countryside in their sandbox. It was complete with the Nile River, caravan, oasis, Rosetta stone, market place, a boat, and more. Pictured is a sample of cotton being held by Jeff Veronen and date palms, a sample of which Jennifer Line was holding.

15 Years Ago, November 27, 2008

• David Horsager was lots of fun when he was in school, not so many years ago. And he still is today. He had four different audiences to reach during his time here last week—elementary, high school, teachers and an evening session of adults in the community. Keep learning, stick with it, be clear and have connections to people. Think beyond yourself, do what is right over what is easy. It is the little things done over and over that make a big difference. Build trust by producing results. These are the Eight Pillars of Truth.

• Auditor Brian Jacobson of Carlson Highland and Company is advising the Verndale School Board to consider tightening the ISD No. 818 financial belt. The district’s total fund balance, including the general, food service, community service and debt service, decreased by $238,713. District spending exceeded revenues by $247,508. Superintendent Madsen explained how some of the spending last school year went toward payments to complete important projects including some repair work to the football field. Over half a million went for maintaining district facilities and maintenance.

• Mayor-elect Ardith Carr has been attending council meetings since April. She is aware how the meetings are run but realizes that she has only touched the tip of the iceberg. Something she would like to review right away is the police department. Also, the sewer system in regards to the curb and gutter project.

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