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Dusting Off the Archives

News from Verndale's Past

75 Years Ago, February 7, 1946

•Pfc. Raymond Goepferd of Verndale is one of 1185 Army veterans aboard the U.S.S. General Grant, a transport which left Pearl Harbor on January 23 and was scheduled to arrive in Los Angeles about January 29. The U.S.S. General Grant operated with the Navy during the Pacific War carrying assault troops that participated in the seizure of stepping-stone islands on the invasion route to Japan. Raymond is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Goepferd.

•Ernest J. Kern, of Route 2, Verndale, son of Mrs. Frank Kern. enlisted in the Army on January 22, 1946. Ernest was formerly employed at the Newell Jewelry Store in Wadena and is hoping to gain further experiences along similar lines in the Army. He has expressed a desire to become an instrument repairman in the Army Air Forces. At present, he is being processed at Fort Snelling. He enlisted with the Bemidji Recruitment Team which is in Wadena every Thursday at the post office.

•The Verndale School, like many others throughout the state, will close on Wednesday of this week due to the severe wind and snow scheduled to hit here Tuesday night through part of Wednesday. Fargo and Moorhead and the Red River Valley areas were hit by the storm. Trains and mail service were interrupted locally, too. No mail was received from 6 p.m. Tuesday until Wednesday afternoon.

40 Years Ago, February 5, 1981

•The climax of Snowcoming festivities at Verndale School this week will be the coronation of the king and queen in the school auditorium. King candidates are Bill Blaha, Jeff Brinkman, and Duane Solga. Vying for queen recognition are Shelia DeWald, Sandy Hess, and Lois Schlupp. Crowning the winners will be last year’s royalty, Kent Horsager, and Cathy Runyan.

•Verndale traveled to Pine River last Tuesday night to defeat the Tigers 47-43. The Pirates led throughout the game 18-11, 33-28, 41-37. However, the Pirates had to struggle to keep the lead in the second half. Verndale’s shooting percentage kept them in the game with three players in double figures: Jeff Paulsen, Jay Weiher, and Ken Kneisl.

• Thirty-two (including eight from Bertha) gathered at the Verndale Methodist Church on Sunday afternoon for the group’s second practice for the Waster Cantata which they plan to present on Palm Sunday afternoon. Accompanying the group was Marguerite Seaton.

15 Years Ago, February 9, 2006

•Lions members received the Helen Keller Sight Award. Jim Neuerburg was presented his award by Lion’s District Governor Bert Nelson at a ceremony held at Cragun’s Resort in Brainerd. President John Desrocher presented Larry (Cork) Anderson with his plaque.

•The Firemen’s Awards Banquet was held on January 28. Firefighters honored included Andrea Amundson named “Support Person of the Year,” Don Ismil awarded “Fireman of the Year” and Louis Wegscheid earning “Goof of the Year.”

•The Verndale Pirates hosted the Sebeka Trojans on Friday, February 3. The team dominated the first half of play. Leading scorers were Wayne Kopp with three 3-pointers and a 2-point basket; Shane Finck with six points and Spencer Moyer added seven points. The Pirates scored 26 and the Trojans 24.


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