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E-sports comes to Bertha-Hewitt

by Trinity Gruenberg

A new sport has come to the Bertha-Hewitt School. Esports is computer-based gameplay that offers an option to students who may not care for physical sports.

There are currently 16 students participating in the online video games, playing against other students from across the U.S. or what they call regional competition, as part of the High School Esports League.

Teacher Mike Bauck learned about Esports from an email and discussed it with some of his students and the video tech club who showed much interest.

“I didn’t realize it was this big. It’s a real sport in 28 states,” said Bauck.

Two students, William and Troy Brandsma, told their father Joe, who was very interested in helping to make this happen for the students.

With Mike Bauck and Joe Brandsma as coaches, they had to figure out what game to participate in. They chose Rocket League, which is essentially playing soccer with race cars in a three on three competition.

“It’s not just a video game. It’s about how you communicate. The competitive level is pretty high,” explained Brandsma.

Their first match was held on October 22, but they had an E-learning day due to the weather. The students were able to play from home and defeated McGill-Toolen Catholic High School in Alabama 3-0. . .

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