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Ervasti teaching the next generation of female wrestlers

by Trinity Gruenberg

The world of girl’s wrestling is expanding and BHVPP wrestler Abby Ervasti couldn’t be happier about it.

Ervasti was invited to the Brainerd High School to be a clinician to teach their 18, first-year, middle school girls wrestlers in June.

“I was shocked at how many girls there were. That’s more than some high school boys' teams,” said Ervasti.

As much as she loves camps and competing, she enjoys being on the other side teaching and showcasing her talents to the next generation of female wrestlers.

“I wanted to give them a role model because I didn’t have one. I didn’t know of other girls in the sport and didn’t know if there was a future for me in this sport. To show that there is and to be that role model I never had is a bittersweet thing. I really love it,” explained Ervasti. . .


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