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Governor Walz issues Stay at Home Order

Governor Tim Walz announced on March 25 an order for Minnesotans to stay at home. The order began on Friday, March 27, at 11:59 p.m. and will continue through Friday, April 10, at 5 p.m. He worked with the University of Minnesota and the Minnesota Department of Health to create models that showed the difference between doing nothing about the spread of the virus and one showing implemented mitigation strategies. A model also showed the time frame the virus would peak in the state, adding there are still uncertainties in the modeling.

Walz said it is too late to flatten the curve, but with this order he hopes to push out the time frame for the peak of the virus to hit to allow more time for hospitals and manufacturers to prepare. There are only 235 ICU beds in the state. He added that COVID-19 transfers at a faster rate than anything they have seen. . . .



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