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Harkening Back

The Outstanding Laypersons in Education were honored by the Eagle Valley Education Association at a coffee party in their honor recently. Those receiving the awards this year were Dick Baso, on behalf of the Eagle Bend Lions; Lucille Hagedorn, on behalf of the VFW Club; Dewayne Hulke, on behalf of the Clarissa Lions Club.

50 Years Ago

May 21, 1970

Sunday, May 24, will be “Beatrice Strand Day” at the Clarissa United Methodist Church. The congregation will honor her at the morning worship service. Mrs. Strand has been teaching Clarissa and Eagle Bend Sunday School for a period of 50 years.


Fred B. Engelmann, formerly of Clarissa, was one of two men who invented devices on which the U.S. Patent Office issued patents to the Sperry Rand Corporation based on work done by them. He invented a device which measures the magnetic properties of nickel and iron metals used in the production of Univac computers.

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