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Housing project in former Eagle Bend school moves forward

by Karin L. Nauber

Many of us are aware of the ongoing work that has been taking place to convert the old Eagle Bend School into housing.

For about 10-11 years now, Todd County Council on Aging Coordinator Verna Toenyan, along with the community of Eagle Bend, has been working on a senior housing project.

When the Eagle Valley School District was dissolved in 2017, Toenyan and other concerned citizens saw this as an opportunity to turn the building into affordable housing for seniors.

There were a lot of steps that had to take place first, however.

“This isn’t about Eagle Bend, this is a regional issue. Just like the kitchen,” said Toenyan in an earlier interview.

Toenyan is one of those people who will try as many options as she can to get the best possible solution to an ongoing problem like senior housing.

One of the sticking points with the former Eagle Bend School building arose when the district was involuntarily dissolved. . .


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