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In Focus

I love fall. I will never tire of the trees changing to their fiery colors...adding to my love of all things...Halloween.

Growing up in California, I didn’t have changing of the seasons. Everything stayed green and grew year-round. Sure, it got cold but not like it does here. And there was definitely no snow in my coastal area.

It was either hot or cool, rain or sun. That was about it. The only time I saw leaves change in the fall was on TV and in pictures.

I was 12 years old when I moved to Minnesota. I remember my first fall here. We went to the Headwaters. I was mesmerized by all the pretty colors. I couldn’t believe it was actually real and that the color change actually happened.

I remember trying to collect the different colored leaves to bring home. I climbed the fire tower to look at the vast expanse of the color-changing forest. I had to let it all sink in that it was real and not just something like I saw on TV.

As much as I love a year-round warm Mediterranean climate, I love the changing of the seasons more. I’m still not a big fan of winter because of the cold and how long the snow sticks around, but I will deal with it to have spring, summer, and fall. It’s hard to imagine not having a white Christmas after living in Minnesota all these years.

I just wish fall would last longer. I know it is going to be over faster than normal this season because of the drought. I just hope to be able to enjoy it more before it's gone.


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