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Lions perform vision screening for students

by Trinity Gruenberg

The Verndale Lions conducted an eye screening for students at the Verndale School on October 28.

This was the first time they had hosted this screening at the school with the help of volunteers and a few Lions members from Jenkins.

Sandy Remington, KidsSight director for District 5, helped coordinate the event. She also instructs the training on the use of the cameras. They partner with the University of Minnesota as part of a research project. They began doing the vision screenings in 2014.

Their target area is kids from six months to six years old in hopes of catching anything that can be corrected before it becomes permanent.

Eighty percent of learning is visual. If children can’t see well, it is difficult for them to learn. That is why the Lions established KidSight. About 7-15 percent of kids screened will be referred for an eye exam. Approximately five percent will have amblyopia (lazy eye), a treatable condition. It can result in permanently reduced vision if not caught early. . .

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