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Local man takes hiking to new heights

Taylor popped the question to Sarah on the top of Mount Elbert, Colorado, elevation 14,433 feet.

by Kat Wiirre

Taylor Lunemann, a local resident of Clarissa and Class of 2007 graduate of Eagle Valley, enjoys sharing his experiences of mountain hiking.

The distinguishing difference between mountain hiking and climbing is that climbing requires more expertise and specialized equipment needed to climb higher elevations.

Lunemann’s recent challenges have been going on hikes which are known as “14er’s” (Elevations of 14,000 feet).

He and his fiancee Sarah took a family trip with their Aunt Rita Anderson of Park Rapids who just so happens to be a 1981 graduate of Clarissa High School.

Anderson has been mountain hiking since 2011. She encouraged Lunemann and Sarah to hike a “14er” and provided them with some personal expertise prior to their first hike.

Lunemann and Sarah accepted the challenge and hiked their first mountain named Grays Peak located about an hour away from Denver, Colorado in September of 2020. . .



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