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Local protesters marched to Wadena County Courthouse

by Trinity Gruenberg

A peaceful protest marched to the Wadena County Courthouse on Friday, June 5, in light of the tragic death of George Floyd at the hands of four former Minneapolis police officers. Protests have since erupted across the globe against police brutality and racism.

Brady Motschenbacher of Wadena organized the protest in just a few days. He had been out by himself earlier in the week with a sign that said “All lives won’t matter until black lives do.” He figured if people knew what he was doing, they would join him.

His hope was to keep it a small group of 10-15 people and to keep the word from spreading to prevent the demonstration from being stopped. The word spread across social media and the group grew.

On Monday he made a few calls and those people called a few more people and it just took off.

“The thing that was actually surprising to me a little bit because, living in this small town, you wouldn’t think that this sort of thing would ever happen here. I was actually very surprised at like the real hunger to do this sort of thing,” he said. But what I’ve seen now is that people really want to do this. And that’s really encouraging for me,” he added. . . .



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