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Looking Back

News from Bertha's and Hewitt's Pasts

25 Years Ago

October 15, 1997

A consultant from Parkers Prairie and a tester from Jordan drilled a series of holes around All Star Service in Bertha last week. This was a follow-up study to determine the extent of the contamination from leaking tanks that were replaced several years ago. The tester punched a hole about 13 feet into the ground. He then took a sample of the water from the hole and tested it for petroleum residue. They tried to determine the depth and distance the contaminant may have traveled since the tanks and contaminated dirt were removed from the site. The concern was whether the contaminant was threatening anyone else’s water supply. By Friday noon they had tested about a dozen homes and reported “So far, so good.”


Hewitt’s general account, according to figures received from the city auditor Giddings, is about $25,000 short when compared to the figure in the city’s actual account. Several members of the council asked for written clarification of what was in the general account of the audit. Council Member Clifford Filbert expressed that a written statement should be requested from Giddings on the $25,000 discrepancy.

75 Years Ago

October 16, 1947

The Bertha Women’s Club met in the school auditorium on October 13. Dr. A. Anderson, a magician from Long Prairie, gave an exhibition of his art. All enjoyed the demonstration. A trio, in costume, consisting of Mrs. Al L. Englemann, Mrs. C.J. Kelroy and Mrs. Lawrence Nelson, sang in a pleasing manner “Turkey in the Straw”. Lunch was served by the hostesses Mesdames L.W. Anderson, August Thilas, H. Elkjer, George Rehmann, Ray Foster, Herman Sundquist, S.P. Alden and Wm. Engelmann.


The regular meeting of the Band Mothers Club was held at the Clarence Johnston home. It was decided to make the second Wednesday of each month the regular meeting date. A card party was planned to be held in the school auditorium.

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