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Looking Back

News from Bertha's and Hewitt's Pasts

25 Years Ago

April 10, 1996

The young people from St. Paul’s Lutheran Church in Bertha will be doing something for the city of Bertha that has been a long time coming. They will be letting everyone in town know what their house numbers are and providing the Bertha citizens with numbers that they can put on their houses. The youth will also help put the numbers up.


The Bertha-Hewitt elementary wrestling team was in action last weekend with tournaments on Friday in Sebeka and Saturday in Parkers Prairie and Staples. Friday results were: kindergarten, Marcus Riewer third, Aaron Schwartz, third, Chris Klukken, fourth; first grade, Tony Schul third; second grade, Jake Boehland second, Jasper Oyster first, Guy Shaw third, Aaron Moenkedick second, Martin Braaten first, Blaine Anderson first; third grade, Eric Samuelson third, Aaron Miller fourth, Joey Boehland first; fourth grade, Justin Wiese fourth, Seth Moenkedick second, Brian Braaten third; fifth grade, Ross Dittburner third, Cullen Captain first, Adam Schwartz third, Tom Snook second, Keith Bowman third; sixth grade, Joeb Oyster first, Craig Weber third, Jeremy Berndt second, Kyle Samuelson first, Jamie Rurup second, Jason Rurup first, Adam Becker first and Darrin Eggert second.

75 Years Ago

April 11, 1946

Several of the men in the northeast area in the community turned out to fix a road on Friday, as it was impossible to get through. Three teams hauled gravel and five men worked to make it passable. The men had to meet a cream truck at the corner of Highway No. 3 north of the Frank Bower place. Due to the condition of the roads, the Hewitt School was also closed all week.


The Bertha School auditorium will be the scene of an extravaganza the likes of which has not been presented in Bertha for at least 40 years and maybe never. It is the Senior Class Play entitled, “Pure As The Driven Snow” or “A Working Girl’s Secret.” If the old-time melodrama is what you like then this unprecedented production will be just what the doctor ordered. The cast: Arville Lorenz, Donald Heuer, Anna Lou Beving, Marlyin Bauer, Kathryn Franklin, Bill Milbrath, Roland Harlow, Wayne Watkins, Wallace Rach, Flora Marie Bluhm, Amaryliss Gjerstad, Elaine Bauer, and Lorraine Eiswald.

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