Many hands make the workload lighter

Corinne Weiher, Jim Carr and Dan Schmitz put square bales onto the elevator for the crew in the barn to stack.

by Trinity Gruenberg

A group of neighboring farmers banded together to help one of their own on August 11.

Verndale farmer Lyle Broughton was seriously burned after a tractor fire accident near Hewitt on July 25.

His arms, hands, face, and back suffered third-degree burns. Lyle is being treated at Hennepin County ICU Burn Center where he is expected to remain for the next several weeks.

The Broughtons grow hay and corn for silage to feed the cows and horses on their farm.

Friends and neighbors of the Broughtons, Jim Carr, Mark Wiese, Keith Weiher and his children Colton and Corinne, Nate Wiese, Steve Schmitz, Connor Schmitz, Shawn Schmitz, and Dan Schmitz spent a sunny Tuesday evening last week square baling 15 acres of alfalfa hay and putting the bales in the hayloft.

Cindy Schmitz brought refreshments and rhubarb bread.

With the help of many hands, it took about three hours.

“It’s nice to help out. When someone needs help, you’ve got to help them,” said Jim Carr.

Before the group gathered on Tuesday, Dan and Jim had cut the hay, and Rick Thompson and Dan round baled hay at a field in Hewitt.

Eileen, Lyle’s wife, is extremely thankful for their help.

She has been staying with Lyle during visiting hours, but due to the pandemic, she is not allowed to stay with him overnight. The organization Firefighters for Healing has placed her in a nearby hotel.

“It’s really a blessing. To drive six hours a day, I couldn’t do it,” she said. . . .

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