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Memories Gone By

News from Browerville's Past

25 Years Ago

January 30, 1997

A request to the Governor asking that Todd County be declared a major disaster area will be submitted by County Emergency Management Director Sheriff Dave Kircher. The county’s snow removal budget for 1996 was $284,000. Actual costs were $591,449. Since January 1, $112,689 has already been spent of the $303,000 snow removal budget for 1997.


Kenneth J. Mosser, a resident of Clarissa, appears on the cover of the new book wearing his pyramid hat, and Ken also appears in the new book. Ken said he never thought, at the time when he demonstrated the use of pyramids and U.F.O. Field Detectors on the NBC TV “Real People” show on February 17, 1982, that he would be in a book called “One Minute Superstars.”


The heavy snows, starting around Christmas, created such a demand for snowblowers and roof rakes that most local merchants have been sold out for weeks. The snow pile on buildings, on the feed store in Verndale, and numerous sheds, like the one on the Richard LaVoie farm north of Clarissa, couldn’t stand the tons of additional weight and collapsed. Brian Oesterich, Todd Louden and Dan Joarnt came up with the idea of a roof cleaning business on Christmas Day when they cleared the snow from Tom’s father-in-laws' roof.


Roger Irsfeld greeted people and sold tickets at the Lion’s annual Super Breakfast Sunday. Over 160 people gathered for great food and company in the relaxing atmosphere of the Browerville Community Center.


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