News from Eagle Bend's Past

25 Years Ago

March 27, 1996

Police Chief Ryan VanDenheuvel told the council he and the police commissioners had chosen Brent Schroeder as the new part-time officer. He will be working about 16 hours a month at $6.75 per hour. Schroeder is still a student in law enforcement at Alex Tech. Scott Friese will also be a backup part-timer.


The following Eagle Bend girls participated in the Battle of the Blades contest sponsored by the Alexandria Figure Skating Club. Megan Schlichting placed second in freestyle, third in compulsory and third in interpretive in basic skills four; Chelsey Einerwold placed first in compulsory and freestyle at basic skills four; Crystal Hess placed second in interpretive and third in compulsory in basic skills five; and Amber Heldt placed second in compulsory in basic skills five.

50 Years Ago

March 25, 1971

The Christian Mothers Society of the St. Joseph’s Catholic Church in Clarissa will serve their regular monthly supper on Thursday, March 25, 4 p.m. until 7 p.m., in the church basement.


The Eagle Bend High School Lettermen’s Club will once again honor its members and other high school athletics by sponsoring the annual athletic banquet. The date of Tuesday, March 30, has been chosen. The banquet will be held in the music room of the local high school and will begin at 7:30 p.m.

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