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Shopping for a cause: Second Hand Boutique raised over $7000 to fight human trafficking

by Trinity Gruenberg

You may have forgotten you were walking into a church on February 13, as shoppers were welcomed to a one-day, pop-up boutique that raised over $7000 to help fight sex trafficking.

The Second Hand Boutique was set up in just six weeks for a one-day sale at the Verndale Family Life Church. Their goal was to raise $2000 for the youth group’s mission Speed The Light-FREE International and their missionary Caleb Monson to help end human trafficking.

The idea was divine intervention through church member Edwina Anderson. When she lived in Wisconsin she would sew upcycle clothing. Then the Lord gave Anderson the vision for a boutique. She pitched the idea to the church board and was granted the approval to set up the boutique.

Anderson was set on having the boutique on Valentine’s weekend, giving them just six weeks to plan and gather the needed clothing. To keep with the boutique vibe, Anderson combed through donations to pick the best-looking, best condition pieces for the sale.

She called friends and family in Wisconsin who brought a truckload of women’s clothing. Some of her friends from the metro area donated as well. Word quickly spread about the need for donations and they received many pieces from the local and surrounding areas. . .


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