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Timeline to end state COVID-19 restrictions

Governor Tim Walz announced a three-step timeline to end nearly all state COVID-19 restrictions by May 28, and end the statewide masking requirement once 70% of Minnesotans age 16 years and older receive their vaccine, or by July 1. The announcement comes as more than 2.6 million Minnesotans have gotten their shot and the state is on track to vaccinate 70 percent of Minnesotans by the end of June.

“Our nation-leading vaccination effort has put us in a strong position to safely transition toward life as we used to know it,” said Governor Walz.

The most at-risk Minnesotans—seniors, long-term care residents, assisted living residents, educators, and front-line workers—have gotten their vaccines. Nearly 90 percent of Minnesotans over the age of 65 have gotten at least one dose.

Since mid-April, COVID-19 cases have declined. Hospitals are seeing fewer admissions and vaccination progress has relentlessly pushed forward.

Step one began on May 7, which includes initial steps to relax some restrictions, primarily in outdoor settings. . .


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