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Todd County Commissioners: Division over rehearing of Lakeside Acres First Addition Preliminary plat

An example of a cul-de-sac. This is not the actual development.

by Karin L. Nauber

The county received a letter dated March 10 from Johnston Law Office requesting the rehearing of Board Action 20220215-26 Lakeside Acres First Addition Preliminary Plat.

The letter stated they would like the rehearing of the cul-de-sac reconstruction project which would hold the developer—Douglas Lien—liable for the costs associated with reconstructing the cul-de-sac which has existed for many years.

Commissioner Randy Neumann said that he has never seen this sort of request in his 18 years serving as a commissioner. He said that the county board always had the right to add conditions to a plat.

“Did the applicant go to the township and discuss the road with them?” questioned Neumann.

He further stated that in 1953 a similar situation occurred and the applicant did put in a cul-de-sac because it was requested. . .


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