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Verndale City Council Holmes retires, Ackerson submits resignation

by Trinity Gruenberg

The Verndale City Council held their regular meeting on October 14. Council Member Ardith Carr was absent.

The meeting began with the recognition of City Clerk Barbara Holmes for her years of service to the city as she will retire on October 31.

Water Project

Cliff Allen with Moore Engineering presented a couple of bills to the council for the water treatment plant and billing J&J excavating for $22,060, Eagle Construction for the water treatment plant for $387,205, change order number three for contractor cost for the well and sight revisions in the amount of $17,662 to Eagle Construction and a professional service contract with Moore Engineering for $37,496. All were approved by the council.

Allen added another change order will be coming for the parking lot revision and time extension. The road won’t be paved this year due to time, but it will be functional.

The water tower design is coming along. Allen said the council needs to decide where to put the Pirate and Verndale logos on the water tower. He pointed out the current tower has the Pirate logo facing the highway and Verndale logo facing towards the approaches and asked if they would like to have something similar? The council said they would like to keep it the same. Allen said they will get a draft of the plans.

Water for the well has been located.

They pumped 120 gallons per minute for the first two hours and had a five foot draw down in the test well and one foot draw down in the observation well located 19 feet from the test well. They pumped 215 gallons per minute in the last two hours with over nine feet of draw down in the test well and over a foot of draw down in the observation well.

“Generally, those are pretty good numbers,” said Allen.

They found the soil north of the water treatment plant more difficult.

The Verndale City Council celebrated City Clerk Barbara Holmes’ upcoming retirement with a cake and thanked her for her years of services. Melissa Current will take over as city clerk and treasurer on November 1. Council Member Jim Ackerson (right) submitted his resignation at the end of the meeting.

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