Wadena County Commissioners: CARES Act funding allocations discussed

by Trinity Gruenberg


The Wadena County Commissioners held a special meeting on November 10 to discuss CARES Act funding allocations.

Wadena County received $1,692,039 in CARES Act funds. Of that, $370,000 went to school districts, $331,736 went to small business grants and $276,000 was allocated for county expenses with $714,357 remaining.

A list of items from food shelves to court space was discussed as to where they should allocate the remaining funds.

Ryan Odden, the county coordinator/engineer, reviewed the current balances and options for a 20-year capital bond for the courtroom expansion over the jail.

Commissioner Jim Hofer explained they need to decide if they are allocating funds to the design work for a long term option for a court facility. If not, they have to reallocate the $250,000 by December 1.

They discussed a request from the Wadena County Historical Society. They have been shut down since the pandemic began. They would like to add plexiglass and do some remodeling to get back into operation for an estimated cost of $10,200. As they have given small businesses $10,000, that is what they plan to do. . .

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