Wadena County Commissioners oppose emission mandates

by Trinity Gruenberg


The Wadena County Commissioners held their regular meeting on February 16.

California’s Emission Mandates

Commissioner Bill Stearns brought forward a resolution opposing the adoption of California’s Low-Emission Vehicle and Zero-Emission Vehicle Mandates that Minnesota is looking to implement.

Commissioner Murlyn Kreklau believed they should take a stand on the issue as rural areas do not need these mandates.

Commissioner Jon Kangas felt that they need to make their voices heard in the state.

Commissioner Mike Weyer was in favor of the resolution because it would hurt the county and its residents if these mandates are enforced.

The commissioners approved the resolution opposing the emission mandates.

Redeye Watershed Workplan

Kreklau discussed the Redeye Watershed plan which has been in the process of being implemented for the last several years.

The bylaws and the work plan were passed by Wadena County Soil and Water. County Attorney Kyra Ladd had not been involved with the plan nor has reviewed it.

Stearns asked about the 10 percent match that is listed and if the county is responsible for it. Deana Malone, planning and zoning, said the funding has already been paid.

Approved the Redeye Watershed Based Implementation Fund Workplan.

New Audio Equipment

Dave Hotchkiss, IT director, requested to purchase a new audio system to be installed at the Wadena City Council Chambers so that the meeting can be heard by those who attend online. He received two bids.

Stearns asked if the low bid would provide good sound quality. Hotchkiss explained that these same microphones have been installed in the Deer Creek School for the courtroom and they are happy with their sound quality. . .

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