Wishbone Day parade

Julie Ellis waved at cars as they passed by. She thought the parade was really awesome.

Wishbone Day was celebrated on May 6 with a parade in support of two Bertha children, Julie Ellis and Easton Braaten, who have osteogenesis imperfecta, also known as brittle bone disease. The idea for the parade originated from Jodi Kimber and was put into action with the help of Lisa Hoemberg who emailed staff at the school. Teacher Angie

Easton Braaten was overjoyed to get goodies during the parade.

Hurtig reached out to Easton’s classmates and Macie Fox spoke with Julie’s friends. Many came together and a line of cars paraded through the Braaten’s driveway and into town by Julie’s house in Bertha. The parade included yellow signs and people donning their yellow t-shirts showing their support while tossing out candy and other goodies. The event put a big smile on everyone’s faces.

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