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A Matter of Perspective

I’ve been giving this a lot of thought lately. The thought is that money is just an idea.

I mean, we can hold it in our hands and use it as a means of exchange to get things we want, but really, it boils down to the fact that money is just an idea—a concept.

The reason I say this is because if it were more than just an idea, how do you explain the fact that the government can “create” millions, billions, even trillions of dollars to help “stimulate the economy”?

I have another question. If the government can “invent” this money, how is that any different than someone who sets up a printing press and makes their own money? Other than the fact that the counterfeiter has to work a lot harder to make theirs look real.

I’m certainly not endorsing counterfeiting. But at the same time, it does prove the point—that money is just an idea.

I don’t think it has ever really been much more than an idea. We use pieces of paper or coin to purchase “real” goods. We buy food, clothes, toys and so much more with an idea.

Everyone makes a big deal about money. I take that back, not everyone does, but a lot of people do.

The people who say that money doesn’t matter to them are usually the ones that money matters to the most.

I have been reading “Rich Dad, Poor Dad,” a book written by Robert Kiyosaki.

I’m not far enough into the book to see exactly what his thoughts are on the concept of money, but I am thinking we must be close in our thoughts because after reading just one chapter, the thought that money is just an idea came to me.

One thing that Kiyosaki says separates the “poor” mindset from the “rich” mindset is when we want to make a purchase.

The “poor” mindset will look at the price tag and say, “I can’t afford this.”

Kiyosaki said that this is very lazy thinking and closes the door on the purchase.

The “rich” mindset asks, “How can I afford this?” He said this makes us think of solutions.

In my mind, if money is just an idea, I theoretically can “afford” anything I want.

Does that mean I am going out tomorrow to buy a new truck?


Reality still ensures that even though money is just an idea, it still holds a lot of power.

It does make a person think, though.

We are often ruled by a concept or an idea. Think about that a moment.

The next time you are thinking about being poor, do what I do. Ask yourself a question that will stimulate your brain to do something other than telling you that you can’t afford it.

It is this form of “financial stimulus” that can open doors for you and me.

It is this kind of thinking that allows us to use money—the idea—as a real form of exchange.

I think we should have a study group on the book. I would love to hear what other people think about this concept. We could do the group over Zoom.

Don’t use the excuse of this pandemic to stop you from using your brain!


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