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A Matter of Perspective

The beginning of a new year always seems to herald the start of new things. If you read the story in this month’s Todd-Wadena Courier you will see that I referred to “revolutions” rather than “resolutions.”

Why revolutions? Read the story and see the reasoning behind the thought. In short, though, many of us make the same resolutions every year (revolving) and never seem to make the commitment to complete them.

But I’m not writing this as a repeat of the article, just to say that we inevitably start each new year with new ideas, new goals and new (or not so new) resolutions.

So what, if any, resolutions (revolutions) did you make for this new year?

Honestly, I have not made any. I wondered if this year NOT making any resolutions would prove more fruitful... I mean, every year that I make them, there is no progress, so if I don’t make any, maybe they will just naturally flow.

I doubt it.

I sort of lied. I actually did make one revolution. That revolution is to keep doing what I need to do to keep my diabetes in check. I am on a new medication that actually seems to be helping a great deal to keep my numbers far lower and more stable.

While I used to wake up to some high blood sugar readings, I have now been waking up to a lot lower numbers. I am actually in range most of the time. My medical team wants me to be no more than 130 when I wake up and no more than 180 within two hours of eating.

Sometimes I do go up into the 200s after eating but most of the time I stay in the range between 80 and 180.

My goal, my revolution, is to keep it this way. It is one that I will have to keep making year after year. It will definitely be an ongoing revolution for me.

So what revolution or resolution or goal did or will you make for this year (2022)? I might even consider making a few more of these revolutions.



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