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Grumpy Old Ganz

The Chase...

There is a phrase I use often when dealing with certain people and that is “You’re ignorant to the fact until you’ve been told, then you’re stupid.” Granted, it is not always said very kindly, but it does get my point across.

In my younger years we took a vacation to Alaska and like any new adventure came new rules for me to learn and understand such as “Don’t feed the bears” or “Sheep crossing”. But not at any time did anyone lecture me about the moose in the area, although there were crossing signs designated for them.

One night we stopped a little early at a campsite, giving me time to get out and explore, stretch my legs, and take in the sights around the campground. As I checked out the new territory, I came across a moose calf all by itself near the campsite.

Knowing the momma cow wouldn’t be too far away I took precautions before approaching the calf. I surveyed the area I thought. She wasn’t nearby…so I started to move closer. As I got within about 30 feet of the calf, it felt like a small earthquake had begun. The ground was shaking, trees were swaying and I think the sky was falling!

When the cow appeared it came blasting out of the trees at full speed. I hadn’t moved a step, but it didn’t take me long to motate. With cat-like swiftness I began to weave in and out of tents, picnic tables, cars and trucks...finally finding safety behind a big RV.

Now I can’t tell you how long or how far the chase ensued, but what I can tell you is I did see everything there was to see in that park at a high rate of speed as I destroyed obstacles in my path to try and evade the moose.

“For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction”...Newton’s Third Law of Motion…or in this adventure, it might very well be a case of pure “stupidity”.


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