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Grumpy Old Ganz

The Ranch

No, this isn’t about the Netflix original series called “The Ranch” with actors Sam Elliott and Ashton Kutcher. Nor is it about a cattle ranch...but it is about becoming a “deer rancher” of sorts.

There has been quite a large herd of deer that has been gathering outback of my place over the last month. Actually, I started feeling kind of “responsible” for them and started feeding them. I have found myself acting very much like a rancher of sorts!

I was showing a friend of mine the pictures of anywhere from 17-27 deer that show up daily and it was suggested that I throw out some corn from time to time.

Taking the advice, I did just that…only to lose it all to some newfound animals in my backyard...that would be four pairs of Blue Jays, six squirrels, and a pair of Cardinals that showed up out of nowhere to rob me blind for a week.

Seeing no deer during that time, I wondered what happened to the “herd”. I did not have to ponder long as I was suddenly honored with a parade of deer. They walked single file between my deck and the woodpile and made their way to the two paths I had shoveled for them, which were covered with sprinklings of corn throughout.

In an earlier column, I talked about my dogs and deer interactions. The dogs will look at me and give me a “woof” at the approximate time the herd of deer normally arrive. Thus far, they haven’t been wrong as the three of us go to the window to watch the day’s activities when the “herd” shows up.

I’ve seen some interesting things and learned a lot about this deer herd, like which ones are the social type, which ones are the bullies, and which ones are not too likely to be my “friends” come spring.

Feeding wildlife isn’t usually my thing. I have enough to do the way it is. But for some reason this year I have taken more of an interest in their habits. It has given me a closer look into the wildlife world and has been an opportunity to get some great photos.

As the saying goes...“Sit back, relax and enjoy the show”. Guess I’ll just sit back and continue to enjoy my four parades a day!


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