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Harkening Back

News from Clarissa's Past

25 Years Ago

October 14, 1998

In late September, the Eagle Valley Elementary phy ed department held a punt, pass and kick competition. The event was conducted during the kids’ phy ed classes. The competition, sponsored by the NFL and Gatorade, stressed both distance and accuracy in the basic football skills of passing, punting and kicking off of a tee. The ribbon winners were: in the 10-11 age group, Aaron Gabler, Tom Holt and Barry Lunemann. In the 12-13 year old category the ribbons went to J.R. Garrigus, Ryan Greenwood and Phillip Allen.


Service Unit #20 Girl Scouts from Bertha-Hewitt, Clarissa and Eagle Bend gathered at Clarissa City Park for a fun-filled farm day. Girls had fun with hay bale throwing (thanks to Gary and Donna Gabler), relays, crafts, real goats and square dancing complete with a professional square dance caller. The girls and leaders had a blast! Even the uncoordinated Barb “swung her partner” pretty well!

50 Years Ago

October 11, 1973

“Big Max” is the name Ted Denny gave to his huge pumpkin they raised in their garden on their farm this summer, and the name fits quite well we’d say, because the pumpkin certainly has grown to its maximum by weighing over 100 pounds and measuring 79 inches around!


The Clarissa ‘A’ team basketball gals defeated the Bertha gals at Bertha last Tuesday night by a score of 37 to 26.

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