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Harkening Back

News from Clarissa's Past

25 Years Ago

November 4, 1998

Pictured, Julie Brunko, manager of Bertha and Clarissa All Star Service Stations; Bruce Sellnow, new owner of Clarissa All Star, and Brenda Kuperus, general manager of Clarissa All Star, stood under the sign of Clarissa All Star Service. Bruce and Becky Sellnow purchased the station on October 1.


The Eagle Valley Volunteers annual haunted house was a big success this year with over 600 people enjoying the scary event.

50 Years Ago

October 23, 1973

No rain and the power shortage continues. Because of this shortage, the Park Theatre in Clarissa will begin on Monday to run only one show each evening for the next five weeks. The show will begin at 8:15 p.m. There will be two shows as usual on Saturday and Sunday, and also a Sunday matinee.


A doughnut machine was installed at the Clarissa Bakery and now they will be able to supply the community with fresh doughnuts daily.

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