Harkening Back

News from Clarissa's Past

25 Years Ago

December 20, 1995

Mary Wynn and Shelia Hoemberg, representing TCI Cable, will give five area schools either a big screen TV or a VCR, thanks to TCI Cable’s educational project. The project raises money for local schools by setting aside $5 from each installation or upgrade between now and December 22. The fall campaign raised $1300. The TVs will go to schools in Long Prairie, Staples, Wadena, and Clarissa. The VCR will be given to a Park Rapids school. Next year, TCI’s educational project will concentrate on computers.


Dear Santa,

Can I please have the Holly Christmas Postman and 101 silly monster jokes and a Polly Pocket? —Jennifer Woge.

I want a picture of you. May I have a skating Barbie and another Ken please? —Amy Marquart.

How is Mrs. Claus? I like the presents that you brought last year. Could you please give me a surprise? —Joseph LaVoie.

50 Years Ago

December 17, 1970

Vandals broke windows in the United Methodist Church sometime last Friday evening. Broken were a stained glass window, a 32x20 window in the Wesley Room, and a 12x12 basement window as well as the glass on the church sign outside of the building.


A visit from Santa Claus and a big snowmobile parade down Main Street is what’s in store for residents of this community next Saturday afternoon.

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