Titrud uses technology to continue Bible translation

Jessa, on far right, is teaching the little kids and Jerlyn is assisting her. Jerlyn went blind for some strange reason for a couple of weeks a year ago. She seems to be doing fine now, thanks to your prayers.

As told by Kermit Titrud through an e-mail to friends in Clarissa

A few weeks ago a friend of ours in the Chicago area sent us some money for a feeding program—to distribute food to the very poor in the Philippines.

We asked Topher (Arjelo), one of our teachers for our Mangyan students/grandkids if he would like to use it in our ministry with the Mangyans in the mountains.

He said he would and he then organized not just a feeding program, but along with it distributing Bibles in Tagalog that were translated for children [complete] with colored pictures.

He also had our Occidental Tawbuid students, 12 of them, a good number (like the 12 apostles of Jesus), go to a barrio/village (five-hour walk from where they are presently staying/studying) and helped with the cooking and feeding of the children there, including distributing the Bibles and conducting lessons for the children.

Raquel and I were very pleased, especially seeing our students being brave enough to be teachers themselves. . .

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