Todd County Board of Commissioners: Preparing for mass testing and vaccinations

by Karin L. Nauber

The Todd County Health and Human Services Department (HHS) is getting prepared for mass testing, mass dispensing, and mass vaccinations according to some of the board actions that were approved at the regular meeting of the commissioners on September 1.

The approved actions were all part of the CARES Act CRF Funds that the county has received in response to Covid-19.

One of the actions in response to the current pandemic was that Todd County HHS has explored the option of utilizing the Expo Building for mass testing/mass dispensing.

Renovations to the Expo Building would need to be made to accommodate this intended use.

A quote of $39,500 has been received from Ringdahl Architects for professional services which will include architectural, mechanical, electrical, and structural engineering.

The Facilities Committee recommended moving forward with the agreement in order to obtain a request for pricing on the construction project and requests the use of CARES Act CRF Funds for these services.

The commissioners approved this action.

According to the background documentation and the paperwork to determine if this was an eligible and covered expense through the CARES Act Funds, Todd County has been significantly impacted by the pandemic. . . .

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